Carles Andrés

Passionate Web Developer

Professional Profile

I am an extremely passionate front-end developer living in London, UK.

I spend most of my working hours writing Javascript, HTML and CSS mainly in large single page applications for different clients.

I strongly believe in the benefits of being able to write vanilla Javascript and mastering all aspects of the language. However, in recent times, I find myself spending more time, using and loving React and some of the libraries in its echosystem (such as react-router and redux).

At the same time, I’m also moving towards writing as much of my own server-side code in Node as possible, which, combined with server-side React rendering, is proving to be extremely productive.

I love modular, well-structured code and I believe that BDD, TDD, and an Agile approach to the development lifecycle are absolutely essential in any professional endeavour big or small.

But what really differentiates me is that I care a lot about tooling, performance, code linting, consistency, ciclomatic complexity and, in general, an engineering approach to software development.

In previous lives I have been a telecom engineer, a Clipper programmer and a sci-fi lover.

I am also the creator of Milsinonimos and TextMarkr. Both are still hobby projects.

You can find me on: Twitter, Github and LinkedIn.