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Installing phpDocumentor in XAMPP on Windows

When I tried installing phpDocumentor alongside XAMPP on my Windows Machine, I found it somewhat tricky. Thus, I decided to post my installation steps here for future reference.

Create a pear subfolder inside your document root folder(e.g. c:\xampp\htdocs\pear).

In a DOS window, go to:


Execute the following .:

pear config-set data_dir c:/xampp/htdocs/pear

(substitute c:/xampp/htdocs with your document root)

You should get the message:

config-set succeded

And then type:

pear install PhpDocumentor

That’s it! PhpDocumentor installation should being and, if everyting worked OK, you should be able to access PhpDocumentor’s web interface through: http://localhost/pear/PhpDocumentor

However if you get an error message like this one (which I got):

"Warning: include_once(c: mpp\htdocs\pear/PhpDocumentor/docbuilder/includes/utilities.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: Invalid argument in C:\xampp\htdocs\pear\PhpDocumentor\docbuilder\config.php on line 53"

Then you must go into the PhpDocumentor/docbuilder/ folder in the location you installed PhpDocumentor at, open these files: config.php, actions.php, builder.php and edit this line in each of them.

include_once("c:\xampp\htdocs\pear/PhpDocumentor/docbuilder/includes/utilities.php" );

And change c:\ to c:\\

I took this fix from this nexua. So all credit is deserved to them.